Sunday, January 25, 2015

Black 13 – That was to be expected! | Part Five

25 The 2nd layer of mud stains was applied
with a thicker and slightly darker paint
than the 1
st layer. I applied this heavier
stain by loading up a brush with paint
and splashing the stain onto the model
using the airbrush.

26 The mud stains were also applied over the
exhaust stains and the canopy using the
authentic photos as a reference.

27 The leading edges of the wings and horizontal
stabilizers also received mud stains sprinkled on
by airbrush at a low pressure setting.
Scuff markings caused by ground personnel
working on the crash site were added
with a wooden chisel.

28 The leading edges of the wings were hit
by mud lumps thrown up by the propeller blades
digging into the ground. These marks were
added with a wooden toothpick and mud paste.

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