Thursday, June 15, 2017

Focke-Wulf Fw 190 D-9 | 1/12 th Scale | Part 19 – Center fuselage section

Left fuselage shell taped to the jig. Marking frames,
rivet lines et al.

Dry fitting to the fuselage.

Checking the fit and dimensions.

Embossed rivet detail.

Making the finger strap.

Finger strap glued into the shell with epoxy.

Test of Z- und U-profiles bent from litho.

Joggle joint.

Doing the joggle.

Fit is OK.

Frame 7 formed over MDF.

Hand grip glued in place.

Test fitting a template for frame 6.


  1. You are truly masterful in modelling, but in understatement also. Looks "ok" haha... like your sense of humor! :D

  2. Hi Sebastian,

    thanks! How is your japanese carrier group coming along? :-)

    1. Hiryu is laid down (Frames, Keel, Stringers are in place), had to redo all frames after I've recieves drawings from japan. Will start planking next week, and the fuselage of the test-build Zero is nearing completion. Will post Pictures soon :)