Friday, March 10, 2017

Focke-Wulf Fw 190 D-9 | 1/12 th Scale | Part 14 – Even More Lithoplating

Dry fitting of the large hatch.

Embossed and engraved rivets and fasterner detail.
The hinge is made of telescoping tubing from
Albion Alloys.

Styrene template for the large panel on the right side
of the fuselage. Frames and longerons marked
with a pencil.

Finished panel glued in place. Plating of the fuel
tank chamber started.

Dry fitting of the Floor plating and fuel tank plating.

Circular opening for the external energy socket.
Oval opening for the oxygen filler port.

Plating with rivet detail glued into place.

Left side plating of the fuel tank chamber.

Marking the frame positions on the paling.


  1. Wahnsinns Arbeit! Hab deinen Blog erst gefunden. Bin auch mit einen Hansa gerade am Anfang.
    Gruß Karl Heinz

    1. Hallo Karl-Heinz,

      Danke für die Rückmeldung! :-) Die WNW-Bausätze sind toll. Hast Du Bilder von Deinem Modell?