Sunday, March 20, 2016

Hansa-Brandenburg W.12 Early | Wingnut Wings 1/32 | Part One

I could not resist to start the W.12 as it offers a great choise of different diorama settings. So this W.12 will be part of a diorama showing it floating on the sea near the shore of its base.

Painting of the wood panels was done using flat acrylic
under painting and artist´s oils for the wood grain.
Weathering and final touches still missing.

I decided to go for a fancy chromeoxide green pilot´s seat ...

Benz Bz.III engine with some additional details.
Also waits for weathering and final touches.

Dry fitting of some sub assemblies into the fuselage.

Diorama showing the sea bottom. The core is made of
floral foam leaving a 5 mm gap to the side panels.
The gap is filled with 3 different sand variations and
fixed with Gravel & Sand fixer from AK interactive.

Detail of the sediment structures.
A geologist´s must have ;-)
I hope they will survive the demoulding of the diorama.

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