Sunday, July 19, 2015

Paraceratherium »Paul« 1/15th scale | Part Three

The base consists of a wooden plate made of walnut wood. The ground work is done using floral foam. I used the model to create the tracks and then covered the surface with plaster. After a light sanding I added pigments and debris into a fresh layer of white glue. After this has dried over night I added a lighter layer of fine pigments with water and white glue to create the water channels.

Top view of the base showing a meander belt of a
large river with water channels and the
tracks of two Paraceatheriums.

Detail: Alluvial debris like tree trunks and roots.

Overview of the base. It measures 500 x 300 mm.
It has to fit through the doors of my vitrine.

Some more details ...


  1. Hey,
    Suggestion: Sell those things to Museums and get rich :D

  2. Oh, forgot to mention: I could be your dealer. Will take only 35% commission :D

  3. That's sadly a low-paying job :-(

  4. Haha... the genius and the freak (with Jurassic Park knowledge) ;-)
    Yes! Sad but true.