Saturday, June 13, 2015

Paraceratherium »Paul« 1/15th scale | Part One

Parallel to the Raiden I started a new project – Paraceratherium, also called »Paul«. Paraceratherium was a hornless rhinoceros and probably the largest terrestrial mammal that has ever existed. It weight some 20 tons! For more info on the animal check out – for example – wikipedia.

The animal was sculpted by Shane Foulkes and it is beautiful! It is a limited kit of 25 sets, each containing ten parts. I bought my copy at Urzeitshop. Service and delivery was great and fast.

Joints were eleminated using magic sculpt. Parts were glued using two-part-epoxy (5 min.).

I will take some inspirations for the painting the skin from studying the appearance of rhinos, elephants and hippos.

After a base coat of Mr.RESIN primer Paul received
a coat of Humbrol #61 for the under painting.

Beautifully sculpted head.
First highlights using artist´s oil paints:
yellow ocre, crimson, and white.

I added a second shadow using flesh tones and brick red.

A further drybrushing for the second highlights.

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