Monday, June 8, 2015

J2M3 Raiden – Zoukei-mura 1/32 | Part One

Instrument panel using the clear part and decals
as supplied in the kit.

Test fitting of the pilot in the cockpit.

Cockpit and main fuel tank.

Fire wall seperating the engine compartment from the
fuel tank compartment.

Cockpit and rear deck with the radio set and roll bar.

Weathering test.

All subassemblies have a great fit.

Propeller assembly.

Several weathering test.


  1. very well done and an interesting inside - look into the internal structures. I'll follow this build :)

  2. Hi Sebastian,

    thanks for your kind comment! I´ll have to check your latest work on your Bismarck!

    Bye :-)

  3. Hi Bernd,
    nothing new at the Bismarck front. It is frozen in the "no bock, no future" state. hehe.
    Currently working on a M 35 minesweeper hull in between and just for fun. After that I will continue the Bismarck build.
    Have fun with your plane, looks always (must be nerve-racking to hear that again and again but it's the truth :D).
    This is truly artisan art.


  4. Hi,

    Sometimes one needs a deviation from a large scale project. Bye.