Thursday, March 5, 2015

Lables of the Luftwaffe – Oxygen | Part One

German aircraft of the Luftwaffe (1933–1945) carried a multiude of labels for reasons of information, e.g. for maintenance, and safety.

The lettering »Sauerstoff für Atemgerät« translates into »Oxygen for respirator«.  The white lettering »Vor Anschluss absolut fettfrei« of  variant #2 translates into »Before connecting absolutely free of grease« to prevent a contamination of the breathing air for the pilot

Colors are RLM 24 blue, RLM 21 white and RLM 22 black.

The examples shown below do show dimensions suitable for the Messerschmitt Bf109. All dimensions are in millimeters. For other sizes of hatches on different aircraft adjust the inner DIA of the label and remain all other dimensions.

Type #1: Common oxygen label of the Bf109.

Type #2: Frequently used variant of the
oxygen label as shown above.

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