Monday, February 9, 2015

Bf109 F »Fallen Eagle« | Part Two

Exhaust stains and wingroot weathering

I applied oil stains using ivory black, raw umber and
AK Fuel stains and added some white spirit. This was
applied to panelline and along grooves and screws.
Finally I sprinkled it on and let it dry over night.

I airbrushed the first layer of exhaust stains using
Tamiya acrylics (buff, brown, Black) and
denatured alcohol.

After a few minutes I removed some of these stains,
added scrachtes and blemishes.

The final layer of exhaust stains used the same
mixture as above, but this time I added some
MODEL MATES Oilbrown. This is a great
product but it is water soluable. I added
just as much of it to the acrylic mix to keep the
mixture water proof.

Finally I added another layer of scrachtes and blemishes.

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