Monday, February 9, 2015

Bf109 F »Fallen Eagle« | Part Two

Exhaust stains and wingroot weathering

I applied oil stains using ivory black, raw umber and
AK Fuel stains and added some white spirit. This was
applied to panelline and along grooves and screws.
Finally I sprinkled it on and let it dry over night.

I airbrushed the first layer of exhaust stains using
Tamiya acrylics (buff, brown, Black) and
denatured alcohol.

After a few minutes I removed some of these stains,
added scrachtes and blemishes.

The final layer of exhaust stains used the same
mixture as above, but this time I added some
MODEL MATES Oilbrown. This is a great
product but it is water soluable. I added
just as much of it to the acrylic mix to keep the
mixture water proof.

Finally I added another layer of scrachtes and blemishes.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Bf109 F »Fallen Eagle« | Part One

I started another Bf109 last week for another dorama of a crased Bf109.I use the Hasegawa Bf109F kit in 1/32nd scale.

I used RLM colors mixed to the color chart developed by Jürgen Kiroff, distirbuted by TORSO, Germany.

Yesterday I started the weathering of the Friedrich. I will look dusty and dirty!

Here are some snap shorts.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Black 13 – That was to be expected! | Part Six

29 The groundwork was painted with a mixture of
dark mud paint and dark brown green pigments.

30 I cut the straw roughly to 5 mm length and used
fresh paint to glue the fibers to the groundwork.

31 The snow powder is littered down into Future
to glue it in place. Letting the snow powder soak up
as much
Future as possible creates realistic snow slush,
whereas less
Future creates fresh snow.

32 The groundwork was finished by adding Future as
a wet effect, adding mud lumps and dirt with
pigments and paint. Adding heavily diluted washes
of mud color creates the effect of snow being
stained by dirty melting water.

32 To create the drag marks caused by the
aircraft slithering over the ground,
I slightly mixed dark brown green pigments
Future. This paste was applied with a
spatula in strokes imitating the direction of travel
of black 13 over the frozen ground. With the right
mixture of pigments and
Future, one can achieve
very realistic effects of a clay-like soil.