Sunday, December 21, 2014

Tyrannosaurus | Part 2 – The Ground Work

The Base

For the base I made a relief from plaster. Once dry it was brush painted a dark earth color. I wanted to do a laterite soil with its typical red iron oxide colors. Laterite is a weathering product of rock common to areas in tropical climates with a high amount of rain fall and high temperatures.

For this I made a rather liquid paste of white glue, water and pigments from VALLEJO (natural sienna and dark red ochre in an approx. ratio of 1:2) for coloration. The paste was applied by brush and right after its application to the ground work I tilted the base with the basin for the lake being the lowest point. Next I sprayed water over the base to create the convergent drainage system exposing the dark ground color underneath the laterite layer.

Convergent drainage system

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