Friday, August 19, 2016

Hansa-Brandenburg W.12 Early | Wingnut Wings 1/32 | Part Seven

I started to paint the pilot figure.
Underpainting of Tamiya flat buff and oils for the leather.

I casted the second epoxy layer.
Now the Hansa is afloat ;-)

Once the epoxy is fully cured I will demould the base.

Just an impression :-)


  1. Superb build,I have just got this model myself. I built the Junkers J1 from Wingnut Wings and that really got my appetite for another build. I am a big coward in regards to rigging,so doing the lightly rigged models first helps to build up confidence. Your work is a true inspiration,I really like your resin clear water effect. Fantastic.

    1. Hi Buzz,

      thanks for your comment! Try out the rigging, it takes some patience but it is worth all the work.

      Happy modelling! :-)