Monday, May 16, 2016

Hansa-Brandenburg W.12 Early | Wingnut Wings 1/32 | Part Three

Painting & Decaling the wings

I bought Naval hexagon and clear doped linen decals from AVIATTIC. Both products are great and higly recommended.

I bought the printed naval hexagon decals.
They are almost completely opaque
and were applied over a white base coat.
I used Mr.MARK SETTER for better adhesion.

For Natural doped linen I opted for the translucent decals.
I airbrushed the underpainting over a white base coat using
different shades of tan color.

Rib detail was done by masking off the ribs whith thin stripes
of masking tape (0.7 mm).

Close up showing the fabric effect of Aviattic´s decal.
The decal film is thicker and more elastic than the
solid naval hexagon decals.

A teaser to keep the moral high.

Floats are still missing. But it gives you an idea
how the diorama will look when finished.


  1. Great first look, love your passion!
    But are sediment layers that kind of "fragmented"?
    (probably they are ;-)

  2. Hi Seb,

    I tried to do a sediment structure called "Schrägschichtung" (cross-bedding). :-)

    Bye :-)

  3. Hey Bernd,

    oh, ok. Google told me that you did good! Or to quote Mr. Spock: Fascinating.

    Bye :)