Tuesday, November 24, 2015

BISMARCK | Cooling water inlets – 1/100th scale | Part 2

The following pictures show my personal reconstruction of the cooling water inlets and how they could have worked. Beware: Eare human est.

Reconstructed and schematic flow pattern for
forward speed. Blue = cold, red = warm.

Flow pattern stern first.

Flow pattern bow first.

Bilge keel and inlets.

Reconstructed and schematic flow of cold water (blue)
and warm water (red). When traveling stern first cold water
flows thru the rear small inlets into the sea chest.

Guide plate (center) seperating the large and small inlet.

Small inlet for reverse speed and large inlet for forward speed.


  1. Regardless whether 100 percent true or not, it just looks so beautiful!
    Hope my hull will be at this stage of construction some day...

  2. It will! Your hull will be as good as mine without doubt . ☺