Sunday, June 21, 2015

Paraceratherium »Paul« 1/15th scale | Part Two

More work on the underpainting using oil paints.

Added further highlights.

Added a first layer of pigment disorders.

Highlights on the head and neck area. Next step will be more
shadows, pigment disorders and skin details.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Paraceratherium »Paul« 1/15th scale | Part One

Parallel to the Raiden I started a new project – Paraceratherium, also called »Paul«. Paraceratherium was a hornless rhinoceros and probably the largest terrestrial mammal that has ever existed. It weight some 20 tons! For more info on the animal check out – for example – wikipedia.

The animal was sculpted by Shane Foulkes and it is beautiful! It is a limited kit of 25 sets, each containing ten parts. I bought my copy at Urzeitshop. Service and delivery was great and fast.

Joints were eleminated using magic sculpt. Parts were glued using two-part-epoxy (5 min.).

I will take some inspirations for the painting the skin from studying the appearance of rhinos, elephants and hippos.

After a base coat of Mr.RESIN primer Paul received
a coat of Humbrol #61 for the under painting.

Beautifully sculpted head.
First highlights using artist´s oil paints:
yellow ocre, crimson, and white.

I added a second shadow using flesh tones and brick red.

A further drybrushing for the second highlights.

Monday, June 8, 2015

J2M3 Raiden – Zoukei-mura 1/32 | Part One

Instrument panel using the clear part and decals
as supplied in the kit.

Test fitting of the pilot in the cockpit.

Cockpit and main fuel tank.

Fire wall seperating the engine compartment from the
fuel tank compartment.

Cockpit and rear deck with the radio set and roll bar.

Weathering test.

All subassemblies have a great fit.

Propeller assembly.

Several weathering test.