Sunday, April 26, 2015

GIEBICHENSTEIN | Study of an erratic block 1/35 scale | Part One

This project is a study of how to model realistic rocks. I choose to do an erratic block, namley the »Giebichenstein« near Stöckse, Germany.
The main block measures approx. 7.5 x 4.5 x 2.75 m and weighs approx. 330 tons. It is accompanied by a small »satellite« block.
The »Giebichenstein« is a Phorphyry. It consists of a fine grained flesh-colored matrix (due to highly dispersed ironoxide) and large idiomorphic crystals of alcali feldspar. Other minerals include quartz (clear grey to «smoke«), hornblende (black), and feldspars (white to flesh-colored).

The block was carved from polyurethane foam.
It was brushpainted with Gunze Mr.RESIN PRIMER.

PIP: The little sattelite was base coated with Humbrol #61.
The idiomorphic alcali feldspar crystaly were applied with a
rectangluar stamp made from styrene.
Color is #63 lightend with white.

The fine grained matrix and smaller crystals were
applied by sponge. Colors used were light flesh, smoke
and darkgrey.

The finished porphyry.

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