Monday, April 27, 2015

GIEBICHENSTEIN | Learning from Bob Ross | Part Two

Trial and ... error – I am a fan of Bob Ross and his approach to the arts and his attidude towards »errors«. Let me quote him: »We don’t make mistakes here, just happy little accidents«.

After the base painting has cured for a day or so I applied a thick
wash of a umbra colored oil wash. I let this dry for a hour or so.

I then removed the wash with a piece of thin cloth damped
with white spirit. I tried to achieve a finish with some
vertical streaks recognizable. This was the Trial ...

And now for the Error ... I airbrushed a dirty greyish layer
of stains. This didn´t look right. Time for a restart
and a complete repainting of my Giebichenstein!


  1. despite the error......very well done!
    A whole new world of painting opens up.

  2. Hi Seb!

    Well, just happy little accidents! ;-)

    Bye, Bernd.