Saturday, March 21, 2015

Lables of the Luftwaffe – Fuel labels| Part One

The engines of Luftwaffe fighter aircrafts required different types of fuel and octane ratings. All fuel labes were yellow with a white outline, only few exeptions existed.

The label shown below reads »87« which means the engine required aviation fuel of 87 octane. Other common labels were »B4« (89 octane), »C3« (95 octane) and »100« (100 octane).

The lower octane fuels were dyed blue, higher octane fules were dyed green to avoid confusion.

87 octane fuel label


  1. Very nice approach and drawings. But how will you apply these labels to the model? Are you able to print them?

  2. Hi,

    this info is for reference and for the aficionado of Luftwaffe stuff! :-)

  3. Roger Roger!

    Looks good (as always), go on/weitermachen :)