Friday, January 23, 2015

Black 13 – That was to be expected! | Part Four

18 Oil streaks were added using a
brush and
MODELMATES oil brown
weathering fluid, followed
by a layer of sprinkled on
dark mud color.
19 Pigments and a fresh mud color
were slightly mixed and brushed
onto the lower center section
of the fuselage and wings.
20 I dropped lumps of differently colored pigments
onto the lower surfaces.

21 Next I sprinkled some airbrush cleaner over the pigments
to achieve the effect of defrosted mud lumps.
22 The darker and »wetter« mud stains were framed by a
light colored, »dry« mud color (Kursk Earth). For this,
I soaked a brush with paint and used the airbrush to splash
the stains onto the model.

23 I used a hair dryer to achieve a crackled effect on
the larger dried mud lumps.


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