Sunday, December 21, 2014

Tyrannosaurus | Part 1 – Painting

I studied geology and paleontology at the University of Stuttgart, Germany, in the 1990s. So it is just natural for me as a scale modeler and paleontologist to do diorama involving a Tyrannosaurus rex. I decided to use the beautiful model created by David Krentz. The model is 1/40th scale.

After assembling and cleaning up the joints and seams of all parts I washed Tyrannosaurus rex with a polymer remover. He didn´t like it and he bite me! Anyway, next I airbrushed the model with several coats of a resin primer.

Painting is done mostly by airbrush using cellulose paints. I decided to do a male Tyrannosaurus rex in a basic dark green coloration in due consideration of the law of counter shading according to Abott H. Thayer. This means that I painted the lower portions a bright tan color and the upper portions a dark green color. I use some orange as a signal color on his head and neck.

The diorama will show him walking along a lake shore.

The pictures are showing the painting in progress (PIP), some final details are still missing.

Lefthand view

Righthand view – details of head and neck


  1. I was under the impression that the yellowing of the cheeks and striping at the neck was displayed by thr female during the rut and faded quickly after.

    1. Hi Dennis,

      within the mating season reptiles, birds and some lizzards show the males being more colorful as the females. But it is not impossible that a female Tyrannosaurus rex also showed a bright coloration during the rut.